Why You Shouldn’t Wear Waterproof Makeup With Your Eyelash Extensions

One of the best cosmetic inventions to date is waterproof makeup. With these products, you can create a smudge-proof, smear-proof face that lasts all day and can even survive a dip in the pool while on vacation.


The Benefits

  • Create the perfect look that stays intact all day
  • You don’t need to reapply with more product, so it will save time and money
  • Makeup can be worn while doing various activities like working out or swimming

Waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, and waterproof eyeshadow are popular makeup products. While it has its many benefits, there is one instance when waterproof makeup should actually be avoided at all costs. This is because waterproof makeup does not bode well with eyelash extensions.


What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a great way to create either natural or dramatic volume and lash length. Wake up with perfect lashes every morning, shave minutes off your makeup routine, and save on expensive eye makeup. Lash extensions can be customized to your desired look and even replace the need for mascara. But if you are going to use mascara while wearing eyelash extensions, or any eye makeup for that matter, it is important that you avoid all the waterproof makeup and be sure to follow the aftercare instructions.


The Aftercare

  • Do not get eyelashes wet for up to 24 hours after application
  • Do not use makeup on the area for up to 24 hours after application
  • Do not use saunas, steam rooms, or sunbeds for 48 hours after application
  • Do not tint, perm, or use eyelash curlers
  • Do not use waterproof or oil based mascara, instead go for a water-based mascara if necessary
  • Do not rub your eyes or pick at your lashes

waterproof makeup


What You Should Do

  • Do use an eyelash comb or mascara want to groom your lashes
  • Do wash your lashes gently with an eyelash cleanser, especially the root


Why Is Waterproof Makeup Detrimental To Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions should be touched only gently if necessary, so the use of waterproof mascara can encourage the eyelashes to loosen and fall out when you’re trying to get it off. As it’s designed to last all day, waterproof eye makeup can be difficult to remove and can require a great deal of rubbing in order to lift. By wearing waterproof makeup, it is highly likely that you will loosen the extensions causing them to fall out prematurely. This will result in sparse eyelash extensions, which you may feel need to be replaced at an earlier than usual date, which will, of course, increase the cost of this luxury long term.


Products To Avoid

Tubing Mascara – As it coats your lashes in a smudge-free formula that is hard to remove, tubing mascara should be avoided.

Pencil Eyeliner – It can leave a sticky residue which can tangle the lashes.

Liquid Eyeliner – Most liquid formulas are waterproof as they are otherwise too easy to smudge. Steer clear of liquid liners as, like tubing mascara, this eyeliner will require extra rubbing to remove.

How long eyelash extensions last will depend on a few factors, including your natural eyelash growth cycle, and the aftercare. For best results, keep your lashes clean, well groomed, and if you have to wear eye makeup, avoid the waterproof products! Visit us at Selena’s Lash Studio for more information, or if you’re ready to get your own eyelash extensions!

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