Beauty Standoff: Volume Lash Extensions vs. Magnetic Lashes

You have thin, short, and straight eyelashes, but you want to make them look full and beautiful. The next thing you do is go online and search for the best way to add volume to your lashes. Volume lash extensions and magnetic lashes are two popular techniques that seem like the ideal solution. While volume lash extensions have been around for a while, magnetic lashes are a new trend that seemed to emerge out of the blue. They both seem really simple, but which one is the right one for you?

Volume Lash Extensions for Your Eyes

These extensions are the most popular lash extensions for those who want both length and fullness!  This is something that normal lash extensions fail to do. Normal lash extensions simply add length to your lashes. Full lashes make your eyelashes look natural while also achieving a more dramatic eye look.

Volume lash extensions are achieved by adding up to 6 thin lashes to one natural lash. The lashes are then fanned out to add desired volume. Although this may seem like a lot, they are known to be weightless.

There are many benefits of the volume lashes:

1.  Save time. If you want to look good and stay beautiful always, mascara should be part of your daily routine. However, waking up every morning applying your false lashes and doing your mascara, can be time-consuming? With volume lashes, you don’t have to worry about mascara.  You simply wake up and are good to go. Your eyes will look bigger, brighter, and beautiful all at once.

2. It looks so natural. Every woman wants to wake up looking flawless and natural. That is what volume lashes give to you. The volume will give you the confidence you need to stop using makeup. Wearing extensions can help you accomplish the natural look while also giving you a break from the harshness of mascara.

3. You get to choose your own length. With volume lash extensions, the ball is in your court. From natural to completely dramatic, you can decide how they look. It is best to choose a level that is appropriate for your natural lashes. If you are unsure, your eyelash specialist will recommend the perfect amount.

Although they aren’t permanent they can easily be refilled with your desired look.


The Magic of Magnetic Lashes

magnetic-lashes Selenas Lash Studio

If you have never heard of magnetic lashes then you are not trending!  These lashes add that beautiful volume and length to your lashes without the commitment of a product. With lashes as wonderful as this, I wonder why not all the girls in the world have gotten a pair yet.

There are many benefits to using these lashes:

1. They do not need glue, so no mess! Lash glue can also irritate sensitive eyes which is something that magnetic lashes avoid.

2. Safe for daily use! They don’t use any chemicals or glue which makes it safe for your lashes. There is no way to damage your lashes.

3. They are reusable! Once you get these lashes, you are ready to go anytime and any day. They are both reusable and durable.

4. Easy to apply. You don’t need to be an expert to apply the magnetic lashes, it is so simple to apply within seconds and without hassle.

Although magnetic lashes have all these amazing benefits you have to remember that there are also some downsides to magnetic lashes. They are not always available in different styles which makes it difficult, especially if you want some variety. Also, you can’t always use mascara with the product which makes it harder to blend your real lashes with the fake ones.


Lash Extensions for the Win

Although both lashes are ideal the busy lady, volume lash extensions provide the volume you’ve always wanted. They last up to 3 weeks and there are different eyelash extension styles to choose from in case you don’t want volume.

With the volume lash, you don’t have to think about maintenance, you just have your lash expert apply them for you.



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