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Have you ever glimpsed perm hairstyles from the 80’s? Or, perhaps you experienced the fashion trend firsthand and passed through the decade with regular appointments to maintain your waves? If so, you know how popular a good hair curl was back in those days. Believe it or not, this craze has made a comeback, and in such a big way it would put the 80’s hairstyles in check. The latest beauty trend, lash lifts, is not the quintessential hair perm, but an altered curling procedure for your eyelashes. This in-demand technique is at the forefront of the beauty industry and will open your eyes to lush curled lashes and transform your look instantly.


Lash Extensions

To understand keratin lash lifts, we must look at another lash-enhancing technique. Unlike the newer lash lifts style, eyelash extensions have been a Hollywood favorite for several years. Many celebrities boast their volume lash extensions when out and about in front of the camera. If you are unaware of what they are or how they are applied here is a quick tutorial.

There are three different materials used to make extensions: mink, silk and synthetic. The initial application process happens at a lash bar or a salon that specializes in eyelash treatments. Your lash professional will clean your eye area and gently adhere single eyelashes to your existing ones. The procedure is painless and takes on average 2 to 3 hours. Many clients even report falling asleep during the process. Aftercare is relatively simple. In the first 24 hours, you must keep the extensions dry. You also need to avoid rubbing your eyes and wearing waterproof mascara.

How long do lash extensions last? Usually about six weeks.  However, if one takes great care of the extensions, they could last a few weeks longer. We recommend getting eyelash extension fills every couple of weeks to help keep them looking their best and extend their life. For those seeking both length and fullness, volume lash extensions are an option. The application and aftercare are identical to standard extensions.

lash lifts


Lash Lifts

Although extensions and lifts are put on by an eyelash expert, this eyelash enhancement procedure differs greatly from the one for extensions. Instead of adhering individual lashes to your existing ones, lash lifts occur through a solution that applies to your natural lashes. Interested or intrigued? Here are the details of what to expect.

Before your initial appointment, the tech will suggest you avoid eye makeup for a few days to ensure the eye area is dry and free of any makeup. The tech will clean your upper lashes, carefully separating them. Lower lashes don’t get treated, so they are merely taped down. Once upper lashes get combed out, a silicone shield adheres to the top of your eyelid using skin-safe glue. The lash professional will then apply another layer of the adhesive on top of the guard and comb your lashes into the adhesive layer.

Once your lashes secure to the silicone shield, the perming solution goes on your lashes with a brush. This emulsion will stay on for about 6-12 minutes, depending on the client’s hair type. If after an initial 12-minute wait and your lashes are not curled satisfactorily, your lash tech will repeat the process. After achieving the desired level of curl, the solution gets removed, and a setting solution gets applied to harden the lashes. This step will help ensure the curl remains.

As with lash extensions, the first 24 hours after lash lifts is critical to the success of the procedure. Not following these instructions can result in losing the curl.


  • Do not get them wet
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes
  • No mascara or eye makeup


One advantage lifts have over extensions is the maintenance. Since lifts happen to be on your natural lashes, you can wear mascara and not have to concern yourself with shedding issues. Most experts do recommend applying a conditioning oil nightly.

Now that you know all about this hot beauty trend, it is time to transform your look with a lash lift. Call your lash professional and schedule your appointment today.

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