The Top 5 Lash Extension Styles–Updated for Summer 2019

As Mother Nature releases us from the cold days of winter and early spring, most are looking forward to the fast-approaching summer months. Of course, with the change of seasons comes new and often welcomed trends in many industries, including beauty. Interested in finding out what these welcomed trends are in the beauty industry? Looking for a fresh new look that will have you the envy this summer? If so, here is the scoop, it’s all in the eyes, as in the hottest eyelash extension styles for the upcoming warm days. No need to search any further as we have the top five lash extension styles for summer 2019.


Why Eyelash Extensions

When it comes to heading out and enjoying the warmer months why not add to your summer look with lash extensions? The application procedure is painless; they require very little maintenance and can last weeks. Whether you desire full lashes, natural-looking ones or those that make a statement, there is an eyelash extension style for you. 


Volume Lashes

While the beauty industry consistently welcomes new trends, there is one look that continues to reign supreme on the list for lash extension styles. What is the look? Volume lashes. Year after year going big with voluminous lashes has proven to be a favorite among celebrities and everyday lash extension wearers, alike. 


Natural Lashes

Another dependable look is that of natural lash extensions. The addition of lashes to enhance your natural lashes is always a go-to style that will prove perfect during the summer. Whether it be accentuating certain areas or filling in gaps, the natural lash look is both beautiful and practical for routine wear.

Feather Lashes

No technically not feathers, but silk, and mink. These types of lash extension styles are soft and light, perfect for everyday use. Available in different sizes, these extensions can provide a natural and voluminous finish. Ideal for summertime, these lightweight lashes will have you looking your best at the beach or about town.


Colored Lashes

As the temps rise, consider making a statement with bold, colorful lash extension styles. The options are virtually endless when it comes to these extensions. You can choose to go with a single color or go all out with a combination of shades. Want to emphasize your eyes? These lashes are key to completing your summer look.

Textured Lashes

Why not celebrate summertime with a celebrity look. The spiky, staggered eyelash style Kim K. inspired has staying power this year. Combining different lash lengths will provide a dramatic textured appearance to your lashes and highlight your eyes. Compliments are sure to come your way with this style of lashes.


Magnetic Lashes

Here is a twist on lash extensions for the warmer months. Unlike traditional extensions that are applied with a professional adhesive, these are adhered by very small magnets that fuse together when applied to your existing eyelashes. Available in different styles, these lightweight and reusable lashes are sure to be a favorite this summer.

When it comes to choosing between lash extension styles, you have many options. Already have your desired look in mind? You go girl. If you are new to eyelash extensions or are uncertain what style is appropriate for your look and lifestyle, consult your eyelash expert.

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