How do Semi-permanent Eyelashes Work?

[fusion_text]Gone are the days of messy false eyelash strips that you rip off at the end of a long day. With such a variety of professional lash extensions available today, glamming up has never been so easy. Carefully applied by an experienced technician, you can have a dramatic, yet, natural look that will last for weeks. Are you curious about eyelash extensions? Do you find yourself asking, how do semi-permanent eyelashes work? No need to wonder any longer, as we have the answers. Our helpful information will have you ready to set up your first appointment.


Types of Eyelash Extensions

To make it easy to answer the question; how do semi-permanent eyelashes work? It is necessary to discuss what that they are and why they are ideal. Professional lash extensions are singular, tiny black fibers that are similar to our natural eyelashes. Mink, silk and synthetic hair are the most common extension materials. Considered by many as the best eyelash extensions, mink lashes are the lightest, softest and the most expensive. No worries, get extensions without breaking your bank, synthetic hair and silk are budget-friendly. Synthetic lashes are the thickest and heaviest of the options, which result in a dramatic look. Silk, the most common type of extensions, is very dark, yet relatively light and able to hold a curl. Full sets of lashes can vary in price from around $100 on up to more than $300.


Eyelash Extension Styles

Now that you know the types of eyelash extensions, we can discuss the styles. There are several different eyelash extensions styles to choose from depending on your desired look. The doll eye style will “open up” your eyes and have them appear more prominent. Or, if you want the exotic look go with the cat eye style which is often seen in magazines. Looking to make a statement? Go bold with colored lashes. Offered in many colors, they can provide a hint or a full prism of color. Last but not least, both staggered and natural extensions are ideal for a natural appearance.


Applying the Extensions

So, how do semi-permanent eyelashes work? Here is what to expect from the application procedure. Before heading off to your first appointment make sure to avoid any extensive exercise and remove any eye makeup, including mascara, the day you are getting your lashes done. Your technician will apply eye pads to your upper and lower natural lashes to keep them down. Individual extensions are then attached to your existing lashes using tweezers and specially formulated glue. The entire process for an initial full set of lashes can take an average of 2 to 3 hours. It should be a pain-free and relaxing procedure. Many clients enjoy a nap while having their extensions added.


After Care

To help avoid any issues or irritation after getting your extensions, follow all instructions given by the lash technician. It is important that you do not get your new lashes wet for a full 24 hours and stay out of saunas and steam rooms for 48 hours. This period will allow the adhesive bonding to completely dry. You also must avoid rubbing, pulling or picking at your lashes as damage may occur to extensions and your natural lashes.


Lasting Lashes

Most eyelash extensions last about six weeks, although, fill-ins are suggested every few weeks. Making sure your lash extensions last longer is simple. Use only oil-free products including makeup remover, mascara, and eyeliner. Avoid the use of mascara and curling eyelashes with extensions. Although wearers may be tempted to apply mascara to their newly applied lashes, this is usually not necessary for extensions and may result in clumping or tugging on the extensions.  

Hopefully, this information on professional eyelash extensions answered your questions. If you still find yourself curious about how do semi-permanent eyelashes work, or would like further information, please give us a call, and a lash technician can assist you.[/fusion_text]

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