How to Protect Your Eyelash Extensions This Summer

Summer is just around the corner and while many are worrying about getting their bikini bodies ready, you may have something else on your mind: how do I take care of my eyelash extensions? Is there anything different I need to do to care for them during the summer?

Let us help you with that!

Going to the Beach with Eyelash Extensions

We recommend that you wait a full 24-48 hours before going to the beach, especially if you want to swim in the ocean. It takes at least 4-6 hours for the bonding agent to seal and we recommend avoiding heavy water contact on your lashes during that period. A light mist and splashing is fine, but avoid dunking your head into the water during the first day. If you’re absolutely going to get into the water, try to avoid submerging your head to protect your lashes from salt water and other debris. You can also try wearing goggles to protect your eyelash extensions. Also, try to avoid humid conditions – saunas and steam rooms are out of the question as they can cause the adhesive to melt.

The beach also presents a number of elements that could pose a risk to your eyes and eyelash extensions. Winds tend to pick up sand that could irritate your eyes and cause you to rub your new lash extensions – absolute no no! Take every precaution during the first 24 hours you get your lashes.

What About Pool Parties?

The same precautions that apply to the beach and your eyelash extensions also apply to the pool. If you can avoid getting them wet within the first 24 hours, we recommend that you do so. After that time, feel free to enjoy yourself but keep these tips handy. Use swimming goggles when planning to submerge your head for extended periods of time (i.e., swimming laps). Don’t let chlorine sit on your lashes. Rinse them clean because the chemicals may damage the adhesive properties of your eyelash extensions.

What About Sunscreen?

You should absolutely use sunscreen, but apply it carefully. If using the spray kind, avoid directly spraying onto your face. Use your fingers to apply sunscreen and be careful to avoid your lashes. We recommend using an oil-free sunscreen to keep chemical exposure at a minimum.

Dry Off Carefully

Be careful when drying off with a towel, not to rub your entire face with it. Pat gently and carefully while avoiding your eyes. When you get a chance, spray or rinse your lashes with a little fresh water to wash away salt and chlorine from your lash extensions.

After the initial 24-48 hour period you’re free to get your lashes wet, but always remember to rinse them free with fresh water after you dry off.

Enjoy your days splashing in the sunshine!

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