What's the Hype Behind Professional Lash Extensions?

No matter where you turn whether it’s on social media, television or just out and about, it is almost a given you will see someone with beautiful, spotlight-worthy eyelashes. You can recognize the look instantly, long, lush, full lashes that frame one’s eyes perfectly. Several celebrity names come to mind when thinking of captivating lashes. Chances are they all have lash extensions. Have you been curious about lash extensions? Why are they such a hot trend?  Put your envy to rest. No need to question any longer. You do not have to be famous to achieve the glamorous look! We have all the details explaining the hype behind professional lash extensions.


Wake-up Ready

Mornings can be a struggle. Whether it’s getting out of bed or putting on your makeup, most mornings require a concerted effort to accomplish your routine before you walk out the door. How great would it be if you could eliminate some of those tasks? Professional lash extensions are some of the best time-saving tips that you can easily add to your daily routine. Extensions eliminate the need to apply mascara. Time saved for more important activities like grabbing that latte on your way to work.



One of the best features of professional lash extensions is they are entirely customizable. If you desire a cat eye or doll eye look, no problem, if you wish for them to appear natural that is also easily achieved. You can even release your inner artist with colored lash extensions. With different eyelash extension styles available you can rock out with a bold style or switch it up by adding a natural look.



One of the desirable attributes of professional lash extensions is how realistic they look even to the most discerning skeptic. Unlike the tricky and unpleasant, glue-on falsies your mother or grandmother had to endure, the newer extensions are individually placed throughout your natural eyelashes, thus, creating an overall natural makeup look, able to fool anyone.



Wouldn’t be great if more things in life were hassle-free? Unfortunately, that is just a pipe dream for most of us. However, with eyelash extensions, you will no longer need to fuss with your eyelashes on a daily basis. You can say goodbye to the clumpy, messy tube of mascara in your makeup bag. No mascara is needed with lash extensions. They are waterproof and perfect for an active lifestyle. Extensions will last approximately 3-8 weeks and refill appointments only last about an hour. The initial application or refill process is not painful. Many clients describe it as soothing. It’s merely a small bit of your time to relax and take care of yourself.


With all the advantages of professional lash extensions, it is evident what all the hype is about. How can you ask for more? Wake-up ready, hassle-free, with customizable and realistic eyelashes that will accentuate your eyes and brighten up your entire face. This trend will be around for a while, so join in and let your eyelash expert having you feeling beautiful and confident without all the pain that beauty seems to bring.


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