Beauty Guru Guide To Permanent Eyelashes

Professional lash extensions are amazing at dressing up your eyes elegantly and have taken over every eye makeup product. There is, however, a lot of skepticism before taking up the first adventure and understandably so. Anytime we use an artificial addition – from hair colors to permanent lash extensions – we want to know everything about it. Are there any side effects? How long do permanent eyelashes last? How much do they cost? Is all the effort worth it? Here’s a guide with everything you need to know about permanent lash extensions.


Positive Effects of Lash Extensions

How do you get those groomed, dramatic eyelashes without applying tons of mascara every morning and removing it every night? What if your permanent eyelashes looked amazing every day, effortlessly? Eyelash extensions make it possible – you wake up and sleep with perfectly styled eyelashes like you were born with them. Rightly selected lashes give your natural lashes the length and curls that give your eyes a stunning personality, distinct from all your facial features. Lash extensions come in a variety of lengths, curls, and fibers and there is one to suit every eye.

permanent eyelashes


The Effects of Permanent Eyelashes

Like every makeup enhancement, it’s important to study if lash extensions are damaging in any way. Lash technicians ask some important questions before moving on with the procedure. Have you had allergic reactions to any makeup product? Do you have sensitive eyes? Analyzing such conditions will help decide whether your eyes can handle extensions. All of this questioning is to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience possible with your permanent eyelashes. A widespread myth is that the adhesive used to bond lash extensions to your natural lashes can make you blind. Experts have time and again denied that claim. The procedure to apply lash extensions is neither painful nor will it damage your natural eyelashes.


How Much do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

No one can put a price tag on the radiant eyes you get with permanent eyelashes. The procedure of applying lash extensions ranges between $150 and $200. The cost of refills varies from $30 to $65. The pricing depends on the eyelash fibers you choose and the volume. The most common eyelash extensions styles of application are the classic lash, which is applying one lash extension on one natural eyelash. The ‘volume’ style involves more precision by the lash artist. It includes applying more than one – usually three lash extensions on one natural lash. This makes your eyelashes look full and dense.

permanent eyelashes


Are eyelash extensions worth it?

One appointment that consists of two hours of lying still, a risky beauty enhancement, a cost that might hit your pocket if you are obsessed with this – are permanent lash extensions worth all this?

Imagine having fluttery eyelashes without mascara or strip eyelashes, or having a thick fringe of lashes that won’t disappear when you wake up. The kind of lashes that each one of your favorite celebrities has. So, are they worth it for you? Of course, nothing better than a trial can help you decide.

The growing trend towards luscious lashes for an extra beauty boost has refined the techniques and art of eyelash extensions. Enthusiasts want clear guides to permanent eyelashes from so they can make informed choices and what’s the best look for them.

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