Perfect Eyelashes – 5 Ways to Enhance your Eyes

There was a time when beautifying eyes depended heavily on eyeshadows and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Today, thanks to celebrities, perfect eyelashes are easily attainable to enhance eyes. Here are 5 ways to improve your eyelashes.

1. Vitamins

Vitamin supplements are the first recommendation when it comes to skin or hair care. Did you know they could improve your eyelashes as well? Vitamin B-3 boosts eyelash growth, removes brittle and dry lashes, and helps your body absorb keratin – a protein well-known to support hair growth. Hair fall is a clear indication of lack of nutrition, especially if paired with unexplained falling out of eyelashes.  

2. Mascara

 A favorite cosmetic, mascara leads to perfect eyelashes and makes your eyes stand out even without eyeshadow or eyeliner. The downside is that it smears all over the face with a drop of water or sweat. The solution? Waterproof mascaras, which has quickly become the new favorite. Although waterproof mascaras make your lashes curl, there are also some things no one ever tells you about mascara. It’s components dry the eyelashes, making them brittle. You need special solvents to remove waterproof mascara or you might be forced to rub your eyelashes rigorously, which is harsh on your eyes, eyelids, and lashes. Also, make sure to change mascara tubes every 3-4 months since the brush can accumulate bacteria, causing eye infections.

perfect eyelashes

3. Eye Makeup Removal

Rubbing eyes to remove eye makeup is the most damaging practice but, unfortunately, the most common. It disturbs the cornea, causes eyelash fallouts, and irritates the skin around the eyes. Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive part of our face and have to be handled gently. This means you have to opt for a gentle eye makeup removers. The best practice would be using natural products that are effective in removing makeup like coconut and almond oils. Placing cucumber slices on your eyes for 5 minutes relaxes tired eyes and helps remove makeup easily. Natural products have a positive impact on eyelashes and dark circles and soothe the eyelids which can frequently bear heavy eye makeup.   

4. Keratin Lash Lift

Our hair is made up of keratin – a fibrous protein that strengthens our hair and protects it from damage or stress. This is also true for our eyelashes. Lack of enough keratin leads to weak and scanty lashes. A keratin lash lift can immediately enhance your eyes with a pair of perfect eyelashes – thick, long, curved. Keratin lash lifts will undoubtedly give your lashes the extra boost to enhance your eyes.

5. Lash Extensions

If you want to know what the results of lash extensions are, take a look at celebrities. Lash extensions are false eyelashes that are individually placed on your natural lash line and blend with your natural eyelashes. With lash extensions, you don’t have to use mascaras. You wake up with fluttering, perfect eyelashes like you were born with them. They come in three different lash extensions styles including the classic, volumizing, and hybrid.

Eyes are the most prominent feature, and enhanced eyes always receive ‘wow’ glances, especially if they look naturally beautiful. A committed eyelash care regime combined with new lash lift techniques makes it possible to have a pair of healthy, perfect eyelashes – the best way to enhance your eyes.   

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