Lash Artist Insights: How do Natural Lashes Affect Lash Extensions?

Long lashes are the key to looking stunning, even when you decide to step out without any makeup. Eyelash extensions have a charm that mascaras or strip eyelashes fail to spark. Of course, like every beauty enhancement product, there are a lot of questions and concerns people have about the concept of eyelash extensions. How are lash extensions applied? What are the different styles of lash extensions? What materials apply lash extensions? Is maintaining eyelash extensions complicated?

The most common concern, however, has been about the effect eyelash extensions have on natural lashes. We all want thick, fluttery lashes but certainly not at the cost of losing or harming our natural ones. The good news is that lash extensions don’t necessarily affect your natural lashes if you are careful of two factors: lash extension aftercare and a certified, expert lash artist.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions are supposed to last for at least six to eight weeks. If you have to visit an eyelash extension studio more than usual, it could be due to improper care that will affect your natural lashes.

An aftercare routine includes a set of do’s and dont’s and is more like a commitment than an option. It keeps a check on the health of your lashes as well as lash extensions. Instead of spending time on applying mascara or fake lashes, observe a few rules to maintain your extensions. Some aftercare tips are avoiding the use of mascara, oil-based eye products, gel or liquid eyeliners, and dampening your eyes within the first six hours of application.

For a glamorous look, you can visit eyelash studios every two to three weeks for refills. If your extensions are falling out too quickly, consult an expert to find out what is the plausible reason. You may be opting for the wrong type of lash extensions, or there may be something wrong in your aftercare routine. If this is the case, you need an experienced, skilled lash artist.

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Trust Your Lash Artist

Professional lash artists know the intricacies involved in applying lash extensions. A lash artist is the only person who can give you the right recommendations when choosing the styles and types of eyelash extensions. For example, say your natural lashes are thin, and you want thick, curled extensions to highlight your eyes. A lash expert will know not to recommend that since your natural lashes may not be able to support them and can be affected. You need to study and understand the variety of lash extensions offered to make sure your natural eyelashes stay healthy.

Natural eyelashes grow to their average length every six to eight weeks and have a lifespan of about 3 months after which they start shedding. Lash extensions should not disturb this cycle if they are applied correctly by an experienced artist and maintained adequately with some strict aftercare practices.


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