Natural Lash Extensions – Deciding the Perfect Length, Curl, and Thickness

Natural lash extensions have a science of their own. It’s not just about applying long, curly strands of fibers on your natural lash line for a thick set of eyelashes that embellish your eyes. To get perfect eyelashes, you need professional lash extensions. Only an expert would know how to determine the right lash extensions for you.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: Do lash extensions damage your eyelashes? Eyelash extensions experts measure everything about your natural lashes – the length, the type of curls, and the thickness. These factors are essential to deciding which lash extension would suit you the best and would not damage your natural eyelashes in any way.

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 If you believe that perfect eyelashes mean long natural lash extensions, you are indeed mistaken. Natural lashes measure from 3mm to 18mm. If your natural eyelashes are 5 mm in length and you want longer lash extensions, the strands would be thin. This would not bear down your natural eyelashes or affect their growth. A professional lash extensions stylist knows techniques that would give you the length you wish for as well as keeping them healthy. You will have to visit the lash extension parlor every two weeks to replace the outgrown extensions.

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 Curled eyelashes are often confused with long eyelashes. You might feel that even though your lashes are long, they are not prominent enough to make the impact you were hoping for. That happens because you may not have the right style of curls. Natural lash extensions are categorized as B, C, D with B being the least curled and D being the most curled. Sometimes experts use a mix to give your lashes the perfect curls. The ideal curl gives your lashes a lift without being dramatically different from your natural eyelashes. So, if your natural lashes are downward or neutral, a B or C or even a mix would be the best. You might love the tight curls in the D category but they could make your eyelashes look fake. It’s for this reason why you should prepare yourself before going into a professional, and know how to get natural looking lash extensions.

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Volume is the element that turns eyelashes into amazingly beautiful eyelashes, and thick eyelashes flaunt volume. That’s why eye makeup has advanced from the simple mascara to natural lash extensions – to give you a thick set of eyelashes like you own them. Eyelash extensions have different diameters that suit everyone. Extensions with .15mm are popular because of their almost-natural and classic look – the definition of perfect eyelashes. The diameter of natural eyelash extensions depends on your natural eyelashes. Fine and thin lashes can handle a .10 mm extensions at the most. A drastic difference between diameters of your natural lashes and the extensions can damage your natural lashes and affect their growth.  

Natural lash extensions blend into your original eyelashes, glamorize your eyes, and without damaging your natural lashes. Lash extensions should not make your eyes look as artificial as a doll’s, which means you need extensions with the right length, curl, and thickness. Achieving perfect eyelashes is a challenge that only professional lash extensions artists should take. Their techniques and experiences will ensure you walk out of the parlor with beautiful yet graceful eyelashes.

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