Makeup Products that are Bad News for Eyelash Extensions

Getting your eyelash extensions is so exciting! Whether you’ve come to see us to get them done or you’re thinking about it, we want to help you get all the information you need. Here’s the thing, you’ll have to change your makeup routine a bit, since getting eyelash extensions is different than applying false lashes. But trust us, it’s so worth it!

Here are the makeup products that you’ll have to put aside after you get your eyelash extensions, so they last longer and keep your natural lashes healthy.

No oil based makeup remover.

Use water based makeup removers.
The key here is to avoid any type of rubbing. Rubbing can shorten the lash extensions lifespan by causing them to fall, tangle or clump. An oil based makeup remover leaves residue and it’s usually made for more resistant makeup.

No waterproof liquid eye liner

Again, these can be pretty stubborn when you try to get them off. And your lashes could come off with it and we don’t want that! Use a waterproof eyeliner that will come off when you shower or with a makeup remover wipe. Near your eyes we recommend you use a Q-tip, very gently.
Besides, water based makeup presents several advantages.

No mascara… or?

No oil based mascara. No waterproof mascara. You can use a safe mascara, but only apply to the end of your lashes. Don’t apply from the root, because it can be hard to remove and it will create clumps. Ultimately, with the natural (and striking) look of your extensions, you should not need to wear mascara at all.

Pencil eyeliner

Same as the regular mascara, pencil eyeliners leave a lot of residue behind that usually falls onto the root of your lashes and can be hard to remove without rubbing. Opt for a water based liquid eyeliner.

Maybe you feel disappointed. You were hoping to make good use of the makeup products (and removers) you have on hand. But consider this: you now have (or soon will) gorgeous looking eyelashes. They beautifully frame your eyes and make you look perfectly groomed every day, with minimal efforts. Sacrificing your usual products is a small effort for such result!

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