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Lash Studio vs. DIY: Which is the Better Option for You?

Who doesn’t want to roll out of bed each day with flawless lashes? Skipping the mascara, sleeping a few minutes later, and eliminating runny eye makeup throughout the day sounds like a dream come true. Thanks to lash extensions, you can have all this and enjoy beautiful lashes every day.


Professional lash studios can help you get the look you want, but DIY lash kits on the market also seem to offer a cheaper solution. So, which one should you go for? Let’s look at the pros and cons of going to a lash studio vs. buying a DIY home eyelash extension kit.


Lash Studios Have Expertise

When you visit a lash studio, an experienced esthetician will help you pick out and apply the right set of lashes to get the look you want. Eyelash extensions aren’t one size fits all. Depending on the size and shape of your eyes, you might need a different number of lashes to achieve your desired look. 


Plus, lash studios offer everything from natural-looking lashes to gorgeous, full-bodied falsies. At the studio, your esthetician will know exactly how to make your eyelashes look perfect, and you won’t have to get frustrated or poke yourself in the eye as you struggle to apply your lash extensions. 



Top Quality Products

When you visit a lash studio, you can be sure that they use professional-grade, high-quality lash extensions and glue. Additionally, lash studios follow all safety and hygiene protocols to make sure that your eyes don’t get infected, irritated, or injured during lash lifts or extension procedures. 


If you go with a DIY kit, you run the risk of paying less for a low-quality glue. Glue in some DIY kits may have been made with cheaper materials that can really irritate your eyes. Even worse, when you apply this glue yourself, you run the risk of getting glue into your eyes, or in places where it was not meant to be applied. 


You Get What You Pay For

DIY lash kits may appear cheaper on the surface but could include hidden costs and risks. Applying your own lashes is very challenging because of how difficult it is to see your own lash line. Plus, cheaper glues may not hold as well, causing your lashes to come apart well before the expected time.


When it comes to eyelash extensions, you really do get what you pay for. At a lash studio, you have access to stunning lashes made with the best materials. Plus, a skilled technician will apply your lashes safely and effectively. An appointment at a lash studio might be more costly than a DIY eyelash extension kit, but it’s absolutely worth it for long-lasting, beautiful results. 


Consider Selena’s Lash Studio

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