Trending 2018: Top 5 Lash Extension Styles

All lash extensions provide your eyelashes with length and volume, but this doesn’t mean that lash extensions styles are created equal. We discuss everything you want to know about lash extensions. By considering what the different lash extension styles do, you can achieve the look you want. In 2018, there are five lash extension styles in particular that are trending.

1. Doll Eye 

The doll eye style uses longer lashes at the middle of the eye than at the corners. It requires either volume or hybrid lashes. As the doll eye style creates the appearance of large, open eyes, it is ideal for those who have naturally wide-set, turned-down eyes. You should opt for a different style if you have particularly round or protruding eyes, as the lashes may make you look perpetually surprised.

2. Cat Eye

Cat eye is another trend that involves using different lengths of lashes at different positions. However, this style uses the longest lashes at the outer corners of the eye and it works best with classic lashes.

Cat eye is a great option for round or close-set eyes, as it elongates the eyes and helps them appear wide-set. Whereas it is unsuitable for people whose eyes are already wide-set, it can work if your eyes turn down slightly — your lash artist will apply the longer lashes nearer the middle of your eyes.

3. Staggered

The staggered style uses a mixture of long and short lashes. Unlike the two lash extension styles above, no one area receives the longest lashes. Rather, there are spikes of lashes. This style is a good option if you want volume lashes, as it rarely works well with classic or hybrid lashes. It’s best for people with plenty of natural lashes, as you need density to avoid a messy appearance.

4. Natural

One of the top lash extension styles of 2018 is to create the illusion of natural eyelashes with extensions. This requires classic lashes — volume and hybrid extensions are too thick. Your stylist will apply lashes mostly according to the natural lengths of your eyelashes but place the longest toward the middle. This gives you long, full lashes while maintaining your natural eyelash pattern.

Whatever shape your eyes, you can benefit from this trend. It’s an especially good option if you want to accomplish the natural look but you still want to stand out.

5. Colored Lash Extension Styles

All the above lash extension styles also work with colored lash extensions. In fact, you have yet more options due to the different ways you can use colors. For instance, you can combine colored with natural-tone lashes or receive a full set of colored lashes. You can use just one color or you can receive rainbow lashes. Plus, colored extensions are available as volume, classic, or hybrid lashes.

Some lash extension styles are easier to create than others. Different eye shapes call for different lash styles. To ensure that the result is everything you wanted, seek a professional lash artist with experience in all the above lash extension styles. An expert will be able to tailor lash extension styles just for you and tell you which is right for you.

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