What Is a Keratin Lash Lift?

We’re sure you’ve probably heard of the type of keratin treatment for your hair and how it can help reduce frizz and help smooth textures while giving your hair a healthy glow and shine.

However, a keratin lash lift is a treatment in where each individual eyelash is treated with keratin and curled to lengthen its appearance and make it appear longer and more lifted. The keratin lash lift treatment lasts about 45 minutes and you have to keep your eyes closed the whole time. Think about it as a well deserved nap. Meanwhile, your eyelashes are curled onto a little piece of silicone to set.

Keratin Lash Lift

This treatment is perfect for women who have naturally long lashes that tend to angle downwards. It doesn’t require extensions, after care (except for no makeup for 48 hours following the treatment) and after the treatment you can apply mascara as usual, minus the painful eyelash curler!

Don’t be afraid, the keratin lash lift treatment doesn’t hurt at all! It’s relaxing and pampering and you’ll love the results. One of the upsides besides minimal aftercare is that it can last up to 8 to 12 weeks! You can wake up looking ready to go without having to add too much to your face because you’ll feel fresh and already put together! The keratin lash lift, because it literally lifts your lashes, makes your eyes look more open, awake, and it really makes them pop. The keratin lash treatment doesn’t involve any parabens or formaldehyde, so you can be sure your eyes will be protected and safe.

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