How to Keep Healthy Lashes and Long Lasting Extensions

Healthy Lashes

You came to our lash studio and got your eyelash extensions. You left feeling amazing, but now you get home and realize you don’t know how to take care of your lashes. Well, don’t worry. First of all, we’ll give you instructions on how to keep your lashes beautiful before you leave our premises. And we add a few tips here on how to promote the health of your lashes.

Healthy Lashes and Long Lasting Extensions

The number one rule is cleanse and clean daily. Use a lash brush a few times a day over your lashes to avoid debris from accumulating. Wash your lashes with baby shampoo only. Splash your eyes with warm water, mix a drop of baby shampoo with water on your finger water and rub it gently.

Don’t overdo the mascara

Only apply non-waterproof mascara to the ends of your lashes and clean them, if not in the shower, with a q-tip and some makeup remover that is not oil based. (And do not use an eyelash curler!). We recommend that you skip mascara altogether, since you won’t really need it. Your lashes will look amazing without! It’s like adding hair dye to your perfectly colored hair extensions.

Check for ingredients

Just as you would do when you take care of your hair, and try to avoid sulfates, you need to avoid oil based creams and lotions. When you apply your eye cream, avoid the lash area carefully since it can build up on your extensions.

Be soft on them

Just as it’s recommended for hair care, switch your pillowcase often and choose a silk one! Silk pillowcases help avoid wrinkles, hair frizz and they’re soft on your lashes as you toss and turn at night.

Healthy lashes need t.l.c.

Be gentle. Just like you do when you brush your hair to avoid fall out, don’t tug or pull on your eyelashes, and try not to touch them at all since you can cause your real eyelashes to shed sooner than they should.

Just like you do when you color your hair, you have to maintain your lashes. Make an appointment no later than every 3 weeks to keep your eyelash extensions looking healthy, fresh and even.

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