How to Start a Makeup Tutorial YouTube Channel

1. Study What Already Works.

Do a Google search for some of the most famous makeup YouTube channels. Why are they famous? What works for them? Why are people interested in committing to the length of each video, even when they could find the same information elsewhere? Study these trends and try to figure out how you could add to the conversation.


The most successful internet personalities are relatable to the average viewer, yet just a bit more interesting and exuberant. Usually, they are someone that viewers aspire to be—just an average person who happens to have a great eye for makeup, and who would be fun to spend time with.


It might seem silly, but take a mental note of how these YouTubers are communicating. Is there excitement in their voice? Are they loud? Do they talk with their hands? How often do they display certain products?



2. Think About Your Niche

It’s vital to think about what your niche in the YouTube makeup arena will be. Will you be a budget makeup tutorial channel or will you deal with more high-end products? Before you start creating videos, think of what will set you apart from the other YouTube makeup channels out there. If you can’t think of at least one factor that separates you from the rest, you’re less likely to succeed.


To help you find your niche, ask yourself what you want to see in the current makeup tutorial scene. Do you wish more people spoke about lash lifts in their videos, for example? Or tips on how to maintain your brows? If you find a gap in your makeup tutorial search, this is a valuable spot for you to fill in.


3. Have a Great Video Setup

If you’re truly dedicated to starting your own makeup tutorial YouTube channel, you might want to invest in a quality camera if you don’t already have one. It doesn’t need to cost thousands of dollars, but a nice camera will make a huge difference. 


If you’re not ready to commit to a camera, try a test video on your smartphone in an extremely well-lit room, and see if you like the results.


Video lighting is also supremely important, especially if you’re actually applying makeup in your videos. It helps your viewers see everything you’re doing and exactly how you’re doing it. You can buy cheap lighting for this specific purpose, or if your bedroom is an excellent source of natural light, try that instead. Finding the exact right lighting will take a lot of trial and error, so don’t lose hope if at first you don’t succeed.


4. Make Fun YouTube Videos That Are Easy to Get Through

You might’ve noticed that other makeup tutorial YouTube channels utilize music and simple graphics to effortlessly guide each viewer from start to finish of each video. If you do the same, just be mindful of copyright laws, since YouTube is very strict about following them. There is a lot of trademark-free music websites you can and should utilize to keep your videos fun and engaging.


There are also a lot of free video editing software options. Browse around online for the right one. If you have an Apple computer, it comes equipped with iMovie, which can be very helpful for projects like this.


Looking to Learn More About Lashes for Your YouTube Tutorials?

If you’re still stuck as to where to start and you live in the Corona, California area, one makeup arena you could delve into is the world of lash lifts and extensions. Visit Selena’s Lash Studio to find out more about getting your lashes done and make an entire video of your experience. YouTube viewers love to have a friendly hand to guide them through an experience like this. 

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