How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions are life-changing. They completely transform the way you look even without makeup. Lash extensions are enveloped with several doubts, which should be clarified before your visit to the salon. While some are about the science behind lash extensions, others are about your commitment to them. The most common questions – How long do lash extensions last? How long do you have until your next visit?

Semi-permanent eyelashes last for about six to eight weeks, depending on your natural eyelash growth. The extensions will fall out as your natural lashes grow to their full length. But the life of lash extensions considerably depends on how you care for them. Maintaining extensions requires daily dedication. The effort is undoubtedly lesser compared to applying mascara or strip eyelashes every day. Here are some tips you can adapt to make your lash extensions last longer.


Making Your Lash Extensions Last Longer


1) Mindful Sleeping

You may have never thought that your sleeping position would be an answer to how long do lash extensions last. Professionals always recommend sleeping on the back, face up to save your extensions from damage. If you are used to pulling the blanket over your face or diving face down into your pillow, you will have to quit doing that since these can crush and alter the shape of your lash extensions. If you sleep sideways, the outer corners of your lash extensions will fall out faster than the other eye.

To improve the way that you sleep with eyelash extensions, it may help to fluff up the sides of your pillow so that they cushion the sides of your face. This could help you get used to lying your head in the center of the pillow, facing upward. Using a product containing memory foam could lessen the temptation of having to turn your head in an attempt to be more comfortable. 

You should also keep your arms and hands away from your face while sleeping as well as when you wake up. Another possible solution would be to wear a cupped face mask to protect the lashes. Not only will using a cupped face mask protect your lashes but it will also help you get a better night’s sleep by blocking light from the outside or from your electronics. Using these techniques can effectively increase the longevity of your lash extensions to the ideal goal of six to eight weeks.


2) No Oil-Based Products

When it comes to the question of how long do lash extensions last, it’s important to consider the impact of the products that you use. Oil-based eye makeup products are a strict no. Oil can weaken and melt the glue used to attach the extensions. Removing oil-based makeup also requires a lot of water splash to your eyes and also rubbing, but we’ll get to that later. 

As a result, your lash extensions will fall out faster than they ought to. It is difficult to interpret which makeup product has oil or not, so technicians usually recommend not to apply any makeup on lash extensions. If you want a touch of eye makeup, avoid waterproof products such as your favorite waterproof mascara since they are oil-based.


3) Stay Away From Steam

Another thing that can melt the glue is steam. Whenever you take a shower, be mindful of how much steam there may be as a result of hot water. You can lower the temperature of the water, or perhaps open the window a crack to let some of the steam out. A fan can also be helpful for navigating steam out of a room. When boiling water in the kitchen, it may help to open windows and turn on a fan above the stove if you have one. More importantly, do not have your face linger for too long when examining the boiling water. Stay away from the steam as much as you can.


4) Rubbing and Cleaning

Sometimes, when we rub our eyes, we notice at least one natural lash fall out. How long do lash extensions last if you rub? One can imagine that they would not last as long, especially if you rub frequently. Make a conscious effort not to rub your eyes. Use a water-based cleanser and wipe off makeup with a soaked cotton bud. If you use cotton balls or pads, the fibers will get stuck on your lashes and may damage your extensions.

As you can see, a lot of these tips go hand-in-hand with each other. 


5) Brushing Your Lash Extensions 

After getting your lash extensions, it’s crucial to brush them daily with the proper tool recommended by your lash artist. You should brush your lashes for 10-15 seconds a day while not being too aggressive. If you irritate your lashes too much this can cause fall-out, and nobody wants that! Remember not to avoid brushing your lash extensions because doing this helps prevent pollen, dust, or makeup build up on your lashes. 


The First 48 Hours

Following these tips is most crucial during the first 48 hours of your eyelash extensions since they have not bonded firmly and the adhesive is still wet. This time will decide how long your lash extensions will last while accounting for the full drying time necessary for your extensions to stick. So again, you would have to take caution as you go about your daily routine.



The cost of lash extensions is worth going into detail so that you get a good idea of what to expect. After getting lash extensions, you may plan on returning to the salon from time-to-time to get eyelash fills. At Selena’s Lash Studio, fills that last one, two, three, or four weeks cost $29.99, $49.99, $59.99, and $69.99 respectively. Depending on whether you want classic extensions, volume extensions, or hybrid extensions, the cost for a session with a master lash artist could range from $99.99 to $149.99, while a session with an elite lash artist could range from $124.99 to $169.99.


Make an Appointment

From your appointment to your aftercare routine, perfect eyelashes come with effort. Every time you ask eyelash extension professionals how long do lash extensions last, their answers will be redirected to how you care for your extensions. Once you have gone over the details of your everyday routine, the professionals can fill you in on what to expect (as well as offer fills, when necessary). 


As long as there is communication between you and the professionals, you can work out how to adjust your routine in order to ensure that your lash extensions last as long as possible. The experts at Selena’s Last Studio are here to answer any questions you may have and get you started with your beautiful lashes!

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