5 Hair Vitamins to Promote Healthy Growth

Have you noticed your hair lacks shine and luster? Do you have a considerable amount of breakage or hair loss? Does your hair seem to appear unhealthy? If you answered yes to any of these, chances are you may need to supplement your diet with hair vitamins that are essential for healthy hair. Although genetics, age, and hormones play vital roles in the health of one’s hair, these essential nutrients will aid in transforming your mane from dull and unhealthy to radiant and nourished. Most vitamins are present in our food. However, if your food choices are not the best, taking these supplements may help return your hair to its glory days.


B Complex

This group of vitamins is essential for healthy locks. Although B complex usually is a combination of nine different B vitamins, biotin and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) are two that researchers often look at when it comes to hair and its health. Biotin has often been utilized as alternative treatments for hair loss and is an elemental component for growing perfect eyelashes as well. The additional B vitamins help produce red blood cells which are responsible for carrying oxygen and nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. Excellent sources of these hair vitamins include beef, chicken, eggs, avocados, legumes, nuts, spinach, and potatoes.


Vitamin D

Out of the best vitamins for hair, vitamin D, is ranked up toward the top of the list. Reports indicate there is a link between a vitamin D deficiency and the specific hair loss alopecia areata. Data suggests insufficient levels of vitamin D link to a variety of autoimmune diseases. An excellent source of vitamin D is through direct exposure to the sun. However, fortified foods, salmon, halibut, and portabella mushrooms are all rich with the vitamin.


Vitamin E

A standard in the beauty industry for decades, vitamin E, is one of the touted hair vitamins. This powerhouse is known as an antioxidant which is responsible for protecting the body’s cells and reducing damage from free radicals. Scientists suggest that vitamin E reduces oxidative stress in the scalp which relates to hair loss. Vitamin E also increases blood flow and circulation, both essential for healthy hair. Foods high in Vitamin E include kiwi, mango, wheat germ, trout, salmon, and almonds.

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When it comes to hair vitamins and healthy hair, researchers are finding a closer link between iron deficiency and hair loss than had previously been considered. Iron is responsible for helping red blood cells carry oxygen to your cells. This critical mineral is found in eggs, lentils, red meat, oysters, and spinach.



If you notice your hair is prone to breakage, slow growth or abnormal shedding, it could be a result of low levels of the trace mineral zinc. This wonder element helps with cell reproduction, protein synthesis, absorption of vitamins, tissue growth, and repair. Foods rich with zinc include shrimp, egg yolk, red meat, poultry, wheat germ, soy, and nuts.



More specifically keratin. This fibrous structural protein is produced in the body, more specifically the nails, hair and the outermost layers of the skin. Some keratins serve essential and protective functions, while others regulate cell growth and protein synthesis. Keratin exists in skin and hair care products including keratin lash lifts. Unfortunately, keratin cannot be found in foods, with the proper diet, one can increase the body’s production of keratin. Foods that encourage keratin production include red meats, chicken, beans, eggs, nuts, and spinach.

Hair vitamins will help promote healthy hair growth. Although these are not an overnight fix, proper nutrition, and supplements if needed, are the best components to regrowth and preventing future hair loss. Before beginning any supplemental regime, it is recommended you do so under a physician’s advice and care.

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