Grooming Essentials That Every Woman Must Have

It is true that looking your best everyday does take some effort, but sometimes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of products and tools that you need for daily grooming needs. However, there is no need to become a product junkie: personal grooming shouldn’t be a daily trial; as long as you have few essentials, it can be more than enough to get you going.


Shampoo and Conditioner

This, of course, goes without saying. It is, however, crucial that you find a shampoo and conditioner combination that is right for your hair. The right combo depends on the type of hair you have, whether frizzing is an issue, your scalp condition and even, the length of your hair. If you color your hair, then you’ll need to opt for color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Leave-in Conditioner

While this isn’t an absolute necessity, it can be really useful. It can nourish and moisturize your hair, remove frizz and make detangling your hair easy. Some leave-ins come with water as a base, which is ideal for dry hair; while others help in locking the moisture in your hair in, keeping your strands soft and manageable all day.

Boar-bristle Brush

Boar-bristles brushes have been a staple of hair-styling kits since the 1800s, with good reason. They are great for styling waves and pony-tails. They are useful for naturally conditioning your hair, improving its texture and reducing frizz. Boar-bristle brushes can also aid in hair growth, since they stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles.

Blow Dryer

A good salon-style hair dryer can cut your drying time considerably and leave you with hair that looks professionally done. While preferences can vary in terms of make, weight and features, any good blow dryer should at least have: a cool air blower to seal your hair cuticles and retain your hair style; adjustable heat controls to account for various hair types; and accessories like a diffuser and/or nozzle to deal with curls and to straighten out frizz, respectively.

Round Brush

A round brush is a versatile must-have, that can do away with the need for a hair-straightener or curler. When used in conjunction with your blow dryer, it can leave you with wavy or straight locks, depending on how you use it on your hair. If you wrap your hair around and inwards on it, you’ll be left with soft curls. On the other hand, if you run it down your hair, you’ll be left with smooth, straight locks down your back.


Eyelash Curler

No grooming kit should be without one. An eyelash curler can enhance the look of your eyes, even without mascara. You can opt between a traditional curler for a temporary curl, and a heated curler for a longer lasting curl. If your eyelashes seem sparse, however, consult a dermatologist for treatments to improve eyelash growth or you can opt for eyelash extensions which last as long as six weeks.

Mascara and Mascara Wand

There’s nothing like a perfectly applied coat of mascara to draw attention to your eyes. It’s not only the color that matters, however. You should also pick the right mascara wand for your eyelashes, depending on how much you want to apply, how quickly you need to apply it and the lash style you’re opting for.

Clear or Tinted Brow Gel

Clear eyebrow gel can help tamp your eyebrow hairs into submission and keep them in shape. You can smooth it into your brows after you’ve applied your pencil. If you want to enhance the color of your brows, you can choose a tinted gel instead of a clear one.

Eye-shadow Kit

An eye-shadow kit with a basic palette of tans, browns and pinks will serve your daily shadow needs. With natural shades like these, you can get through your day without worrying too much about whether the shade works well with your skin.


Choose an eyeliner – preferably black or brown – that will suit your skin-tone, and give definition to your eyes. You also three types of liner to choose from: gel, liquid and pencil. However, for an everyday look, a pencil liner is your best bet. It’s easy to apply, offers a better control than the other options and can be used safely under the waterline without any risk of the product running into your eyes.


Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is an absolute essential for keeping your cuticles moist and nails healthy. In addition, it also keeps the skin around your nails well moisturized. Dry cuticles are murder on your nails, leading to cracked and rough nails. By rubbing cuticle oil into your cuticles, it can stimulate circulation and facilitate nail growth, and repair and protect cracked nails.

Base Coat

Before applying a coat of nail polish, you should apply a base coat. Base coats create an even surface for your polish to adhere to the nail. If you have had a manicure done, a base coat can help preserve it for longer. Some base coats also have nail-strengthening properties and help them grow faster.

Top Coat

After you’ve applied your nail polish, you should finish it off a layer of topcoat to seal your coat of polish in. They prevent your nail polish from chipping or peeling off, causing them to last longer. Also, if you’re into nail-art, a layer of top-coat will give your nail a more a level, shiny look, and preserve your nail-work for longer.

Nail Clippers and Files

This is an obvious one, and are a necessity to keep your nails in shape. A pair of stainless steel nail clippers can last longer than nickel-plated ones, and are more effective. For your files, opt for a glass file instead of a metal one, since they are softer on your nails, and prevent chipping and peeling. They are also easier to clean and maintain than sandpaper or metal.

Cuticle Remover

These are not to be confused with cuticle clippers (which are actually bad bad idea!) These are cuticle gels or liquids that your rub into your cuticle. After leaving them on for some time, you can push or remove the excess cuticle with a cuticle pusher.

So, there you have it, with all these essentials in your grooming kit, you’ll be more than equipped to take on the day looking your confident best.

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