Which Eyelash Extension Effect Should You Choose?

Have you been considering getting amazing eyelash extensions but you aren’t sure about what style and effect to get? Here are a few eyelash extension effects to give you some inspiration.

Eyelash Extension Effect

Natural Eyelash Extension Style

This is an eyelash extension effect that aims to mirror what eyes with long eyelashes and a coat of mascara naturally look like. They’re even throughout but longer and voluminous.

Open eye

This eyelash extension effect focuses on giving body and volume to the center of your eyelid to create an awaken eye look. It will open up your gaze and disguise any Monday blues.

Cat eye

This focuses on creating an oval eyeline to open up your eye and make your irises pop. It frames your eyes with no need of applying any other makeup product, though many women will deepen the effect by applying eyeliner in the corner. It’s very dramatic and glamorous, yet subtle.

Doll eye

Doll eye is an eyelash extension effect that creates a wow factor. It is not subtle, but still keeps your eyes light and relaxed. The Doll Eye lash extension effect gives the illusion that you have shorter and longer eyelashes throughout, naturally curled and upward. It’s not for everyone, so you may want to try the makeup version before you go for semi permanent extensions.

Whichever style or eyelash extension effect you choose, you’ll look amazing with natural body and volume. From sassy to flirty, sophisticated or simply to add volume to sparse lashes, you can get the style of lashes that you always wanted, feel good, look good and get that extra spring in your step, feeling more confident than ever. If you are not sure the style you prefer is right for your eye shape, a professional lash artist will give you advice. Are you ready to wink with an attitude?

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