6 Event Makeup Ideas For Your Next Big Event

Are you excited about a big event coming up? One that will have you transforming your look from every day to extraordinary? Whatever your special event may be, it is essential you take the time to focus on what look you want for the occasion. As you choose the perfect outfit, remember it is all about the details. One cannot forget the finishing touches, including your hair, jewelry and of course, the event makeup. Completing your look with the right makeup is essential and will have you enjoying your event with total confidence in your appearance. Here are some excellent makeup ideas for your next big event.


Start with a Clean, Flawless Face

Before you take your everyday makeup to event-ready, you need to ensure your skin is completely clean. Wash your face, removing any existing makeup. This cleansing step will help your event makeup go on smoother and look fresher. Once you have removed everything it is essential you apply a high-quality moisturizer. These steps are the foundation from which you or your artist will work to get you glam.


Lips as a Focal Point

When it comes to event makeup, focusing on the lips is quite common. With a never-ending palette, one can go bold with a darker shade of lip liner or lighter with just a hint of color and lip gloss. Experts agree if you want to emphasize your lips, go bold, make them dramatic. Otherwise, keep the look simple if you intend for the focus to be on your eyes instead.

event makeup


All in the Eyes

The eye area is a playground for event makeup. You have unlimited options when it comes to the look you desire to achieve. If you have time before your occasion, consider getting semi-permanent lash extensions joined with your existing lashes or a keratin lash lift performed. Volume lash extensions will immediately open up your eyes giving your face a much brighter appearance. Moreover, lash lifts can provide short-term, 4 to 6 weeks, curl to your existing eyelashes. It is a quick procedure and will have you walking out with beautifully curled eyelashes and dazzling eyes.

Other possibilities for creating a dramatic, or over-the-top look for your eyes, include professionally applied volume or colored lashes. Volume lashes produce a thick, luxurious look that is difficult to achieve with mascara. Colored lashes will have other guests envious. You can go with one color, or you can go with a variety of colors to ensure a dramatic look. Both of the procedures are painless and are relatively brief. You can continue to maintain these lashes after your event or have them removed shortly after.

You are excited about your upcoming event, and you have found the perfect outfit, now it is time to focus on your makeup. Whether it be a holiday celebration, an award ceremony or a Cinderella ball, you deserve to attend your event feeling and looking your best. These six event makeup ideas will have you looking flawless for the occasion.

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