Ditch the False Lashes – A Guide to Semi-Permanent Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a popular trend that adds length and curl to your natural lashes. No matter how much eyeshadow or mascara you wear, the beauty of your eyes falls flat without long, thick eyelashes. Some of us were blessed with both length and curl, while others were not. Eyelash enhancing products – especially the semi-permanent eyelashes –  have made it easy to get longer and thicker lashes. During busy mornings, we don’t have the time to apply mascara, apply false lashes, and curl. With eyelash extensions, you wake up with effortless put together lashes. You will no longer need to spend time making them look curled or long.



Eyelash studios specialize in gracing your eyes with the wonders of eyelash extensions. Applying eyelash extension is a delicate process so it is best done by a licensed professional. Unlike with false lashes, a semi-permanent glue is used on the lash line and a lash extension is applied on every strand of natural eyelashes. This method is designed to make sure that, while your eyelashes look dramatic, the extensions don’t look fake. The glue won’t irritate your eyes or damage your natural lashes. The application process takes about 1 – 2 hours. As mentioned earlier, the application process is delicate and must be done in a way that appears seamless. This is why it is always recommended to get professional eyelash extensions.


The Show:

The primary function of eyelashes is to protect our eyes from dust. Today, the function of our eyelashes goes beyond protection, they are also a fashion statement. Eyelash extensions are false lashes that attach to your natural ones to give your eyelashes the length and volume you have desired. With semi-permanent eyelash extensions, you can either have the fluffy, princess eyes or the sensuous Beyonce glance. Extensions can be completely customizable to your liking.

The moment you feel that your eyes have become your most prominent feature, you will have already answered the question: “how do semi-permanent eyelashes work?”


The cycle of eyelash extensions:

The life cycle of your eyelash extensions depends on the growth of natural eyelashes. The extensions will fall off as natural eyelashes grow, meaning that you will have to visit your eyelash studio again. Just like hair and nails, the growth rate of eyelashes varies from person to person. The normal lifespan of natural eyelashes is between 4 to 8 weeks. Of course, it is better to dedicate 2 hours of the weekend every 4 weeks to eyelash extension procedure than the time-consuming effort of mascara or false lashes every day.


Types of Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions:

An important part of understanding how do semi-permanent eyelashes work is to select the type of eyelash extensions you want in terms of style, volume, and length. From everyday, natural look to the dramatic volume, you lash tech is able to style the extensions to your liking. Moreover, eyelash extension materials include synthetic, silk, and mink. To understand more about specific types of extensions and what materials work best for your needs, consult guides with helpful lash extension tips you need to know.

Eyelash extensions call for a minimum maintenance. We recommend that you avoid using mascaras, makeup removers, or any oil-based makeup products around your eyes. The good news is you can swim – after 12 hours – or enjoy a sunny day without damaging your eyelash extensions. The best part is you no longer need false lashes and you wake up with eyes that are more glamorous than you could imagine.



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