Different Eyelash Extension Styles

Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions

The best thing about professional lash extensions is that you can choose the style you want. Rather than one-size-fits-all, you can find eyelash shapes to suit your face, enhance your natural beauty, and provide you with the look you want to best express yourself. Eyelash extension styles fall into three main categories.

Volume Lashes

Volume lashes are the most dramatic option. There is nothing subtle about this look. If you want to amaze your friends with a transformation, volume lashes are ideal. They are a particularly good option for anyone who has naturally short or sparse lashes.

As the name implies, your lashes will appear thicker and greater in number. This is because multiple extensions are attached to each of your natural lashes. Some are long, other short to enhance the impression of fuller lashes.

Greater volume by no means looks too glamorous. Although volume lashes are perfect when you want to dress to impress, they are also fine for an everyday look, especially if you are looking to gain more attention. You can gain the look you want by the way your eyelash artist affixes the lashes.

Classic Lashes

You are undoubtedly familiar with classic lashes. These are the original style of lash extensions — the first to be glued onto natural lashes one by one. They still remain the most popular type of lash extensions. With classic lashes, your lashes appear full and lengthened, as if you had applied a perfect coat of mascara on long eyelashes. They provide a more natural look than with volume lashes.

Classic lashes look separated and point straight ahead. They are ideal for those who already have enough lashes. However, again, the eyelash artist will fit the lashes in a way that best suits you, whatever your current number of lashes. He or she will also take into consideration of the shape of your eyes, especially when choosing the angle, placement, length, and thickness of the lashes.


For the best of both worlds, pick hybrid lashes. They have the light and fluffy feel of volume lashes combined with the long, luxurious quality of classic lashes. They are perfect if you need to fill gaps but don’t need anything extremely full or if you are indecisive and can’t work out whether you want to focus on volume or length.

Hybrid lashes are more natural than volume lashes and provide more fullness than classic lashes. They are the perfect choice if you want to keep it simple for everyday but want something dramatic enough to stand out at a special event or a night out.

Selena’s lash extensions include all three types of lash extension styles. They are only fitted by lash artists skilled at achieving top results who will help you maintain the health of your natural lashes. If you want long-lasting lashes made from the highest-quality extensions, never settle for anything less.

Selena’s Lash Studio – Our Lashes Speak Volumes.

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