Debunking 5 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

Countless beauty aficionados make the switch to eyelash extensions each year. Not only can extensions save you money over time, but they can also save you time during your morning routine. Now that you’re considering making eyelash extensions a part of your look, you may be researching everything from the first application to lash extension care. However, you’re likely to come across a few myths about eyelash extensions along the way. That is why we’re debunking some of the most common myths about eyelash extensions. 


Myth #1: Having Eyelash Extensions Could Damage My Natural Lashes

The Truth: It’s understandable to be concerned about the health of your natural lashes. No one wants to damage any of their beauty features. However, this common myth is just that – a myth. Trained lash stylists at an eyelash studio use proper application techniques and safe products that ensure your natural lashes are never damaged. Selena’s Lash Studio specifically uses products that support healthy natural lashes.


Myth #2: Eyelash Extension Application Hurts or Feels Uncomfortable

The Truth: The application process should never hurt or feel uncomfortable if applied properly by a trained stylist. In fact, many clients tell us they find the process so relaxing they can take a nap. Think of the eyelash extension process as a luxury spa experience. In the proper hands, you should walk out of your appointment feeling your best.


Myth #3: Eyelash Extensions Are One Size Fits All

The Truth: Everyone has a unique eye shape and a different number of natural lashes. With that being said, eyelash extensions are customized for you and your eyes. Your extensions may not look exactly like your friend’s, but the common denominator is full, beautiful lashes. Selena’s Lash Studio offers three styles of eyelash extensions: classic, volume, and hybrid. Your stylist will help you decide what extensions are best for your eyelashes.


Myth #4: You Can’t Get Eyelash Extensions Wet

The Truth: While it is true you should not get eyelash extensions wet for the first 48 hours after application, the notion they cannot be exposed to water after that time is false. In fact, cleaning your lashes regularly is an important part of eyelash extension maintenance. It helps them look better and feel better. However, when you do get them wet make sure to dab above and below the lashes with a towel instead of rubbing them to dry.


Myth #5: Eyelash Extensions Can Be a Simple DIY Project

The Truth: Eyelash extension application should never be attempted at home or completed by someone without proper training. Additionally, it is important to visit a studio provides a high level of safe service. Selena’s Lash Studio follows strict standards of education and practice to make this a reality for clients.


Selena’s Lash Studio Educates Clients About the Facts, Not the Myths About Eyelash Extensions

When you choose Selena’s Lash Studio for your lash extension needs you’re choosing quality, safety, and beauty. Selena and her team are lash artists who help clients look their absolute best. Book an eyelash appointment today!


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