Trendsetter Secrets: What to Know About Colored Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the ideal solution if you want to make your eyes appear bolder, but sometimes regular extensions don’t go far enough. Colored lash extensions enhance your eyes even more than lashes in natural colors, allowing you to stand out. If you’re a true trendsetter, you need to take advantage of this latest beauty fad before it becomes mainstream.

Colored Lash Extensions Enhance Your Natural Endowments

Colored lash extensions are available in a huge variety of tones, from wild to subdued. They can work much like eyeshadow by bringing out the color of your eyes. You can ask for extensions that will complement and accent your eyes. For this, people with green eyes benefit most from purple-colored lash extensions, with brown eyes from green lashes, and with blue eyes from blue lashes.

Colored lashes go beyond simply enhancing your eye color. They also add definition to your eyes and allow you to express your personality. Plus, they have all the advantages of regular extensions, including increasing the volume and length of your eyelashes and eliminating the need for eye makeup.

You Can Match Your Rainbow Hair

There’s no need to be limited to eye color when choosing the right colored lash extensions for you. An alternative is to match your hair color. This is ideal if you’ve just dyed your hair a bright color like red, orange, or pink, as it can be difficult (if not impossible) to find mascara in the right tone. There are many benefits to lash extensions. Colored lash extensions are much lower maintenance and far more striking.

For a more toned-down look, you could consider adding some vibrant hair extensions and choosing colored lash extensions to match. For many people, this is more suitable for everyday life, but it still puts you at the forefront of this new trend.

Create the Effect You Want

There are a variety of different eyelash extension styles to choose from, that can make your eyes stand out. The most popular way of using colored lash extensions is to combine a percentage of colored lashes with a slightly larger percentage standard lashes — the higher the number of colored, the bolder the final result. This creates an effect that is impossible to achieve with mascara.

Another option is to have all colored lash extensions and no regular extensions. This is not for the faint of heart, but it is perfect if you love being the center of attention.

A final option is to pick a rainbow of colors, either with or without standard lashes. This fits well with the mermaid trend.

The Process Takes a Little Longer

The process for colored lash extensions is exactly the same as for regular lash extensions. However, you should expect to be at the appointment for around 30 minutes longer than usual. This is simply because it takes lash artists more time to position colored lashes to ensure an optimal result.

Choosing a qualified lash artist is even more essential for colored lash extensions that it is for regular lashes. For the lashes to look stunning, the colors need to be spread out across your eyelashes, symmetrical on the either eye. Book an appointment with our certified and skilled experts who can advise you on how to make this trend work for you.

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