Colored Lash Extensions: Ideas to Amplify Your Costume

Tis’ the season to get spooky.  Whether you are going to a Halloween bash, or just dressing up with some friends, you want your costume to look exceptional.  You probably spend a long time planning out your costume, but what about the makeup to match it? It is just as important to complete your Halloween look.  Colored lash extensions are one way to make your Halloween look stand out.

What are Colored Lash Extensions?  

Lash extensions are applied with an adhesive to individual lashes.  They should be done by a professional lash extension service so as to not compromise your real eyelashes.  Typically applied to the top lash line, colored extensions give length, volume, and curl.  Clean eyelash extensions can be customized to exactly how you would like them to look. The process does take an hour or two, but if you end up taking a little nap, we’ll wake you!

Available Lash Extension Colors

Black eyelashes are classic, but for Halloween, it is time to make a statement.  Colored lash extensions are available in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, purple, green, or rainbow.   They can match your Halloween hair or your costume. These have a much better effect than mascara, which might be very difficult to find in the color you want.  For those who don’t want to make too much of a statement (or need to go to work the next day), a combination of colored lashes with standard lashes can be done.   The higher the number of colored lashes, the more striking the result. This is virtually impossible to do with mascara alone.  

Spicy Halloween Costume Ideas

One of our favorite movie villains is Poison Ivy.  The costume for this character is creative, and the makeup needs to be done to complete the look.   Green-colored lash extensions would look great against the red hair and take the costume to the next level.  Thinking about being Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween?  This costume is simple as all you need is a dress with a red hooded sweater and a basket full of goodies.  Try some fiery red lashes to compliment your costume and take it from sweet to spicy.  

Sweet Halloween Costume Ideas 

If sweet is more your style, try Elsa from Frozen with some icy blue-colored extensions—perfect for those with blue eyes.  Want to be a hippie for Halloween? Pair your colored hair extensions and psychedelic dress with some funky colored lashes.   Or maybe you are just crazy about Halloween and want to intersperse some orange lashes with your real ones to match your Halloween manicure.  

Take your costume up a notch as colored lash extensions are perfect for Halloween.  We guarantee that our lashes will get as many compliments as your costume does.  

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