Which Type of Eyelash Extensions is Right for Your Eye Shape?

If you weren’t blessed with naturally long eyelashes, you have the option of choosing eyelash extensions and feeling more confident about your appearance. The type of extensions you choose will depend largely on the shape of your eyes. Here’s a list of the different eye shapes, so you can decide which lashes are best for you:

What Is Your Eye Shape?

Hooded Eyes

Choosing Eyelash Extensions | Selena's Lash StudioHooded eyelids have an extra layer of skin that sits over the crease, so the lids will look smaller. You will want to consider creating the illusion of depth when choosing eyelash extensions. Opt for a set  that has the longest lashes at the center and tapers at the end.

Close Set Eyes

Just like the name implies, close set eyes don’t have much Choosing Eyelash Extensions | Selena's Lash Studiospace between them. In fact, they are less than one eyeball apart. To make them appear wider, it’s best to use natural looking lashes. Your extensions should have shorter lashes at the inner corners of the eyes and longer lashes toward the ends.

Single Lidded Eyes

Choosing Eyelash Extensions | Selena's Lash StudioSingle lidded eyes have just one crease and can look very small. Choosing eyelash extensions that are both short and long can give the eyes a fuller and more dramatic look. Stay away from heavy full volume that will not look as natural as you would want.

Round Eyes

Round eyes have the same width and height. This eye shapeChoosing Eyelash Extensions | Selena's Lash Studio looks its best when longer lash extensions are applied to the outer corners of the eyes. This choice will create the natural cat eye effect.

Almond Eyes

Choosing Eyelash Extensions | Selena's Lash StudioAlmond eyes have a long oval shape and look very distinctive. Placing longer eye extensions to the middle of the eyes can widen them. Although to be fair various lash types work well in this case. This will depend mostly on personal preference.

Choosing Eyelash Extensions

Basing your choice solely on an eye shape chart is simplistic, though it certainly is the first step. Doing some research and knowing what would not work helps processing by elimination and prevent disappointment. Rest assured that a master lash artist should not let you pick a style of eyelash extensions that will not enhance your eyes. Your goal is to look more beautiful in the most natural way.

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