The Art of Makeup with Lash Extensions

Are you searching for inspiring looks for makeup with lash extensions? Eyelash extensions offer the added benefit of turning your normal look more glamorous and saving you time getting ready. With your beautiful and gorgeous lashes you won’t need much in the way of makeup meaning you can be ready and out the door sooner. Like the dramatic Kardashian look? You can achieve it without having to spend an hour putting on individual falsies each time.

How do I Achieve a Makeup look with Eyelash Extensions?

It’s so easy! First, make an appointment with one of our amazing estheticians. They’re trained and perform under strict standards of quality. Set aside about 3 hours for the appointment and be prepared to be pampered.

After your appointment is over and wake up feeling renewed and blinking your gorgeous lashes like Bambi, you’ll be given instructions on how to take care of them. The rest is up to you!
Remember, you won’t need mascara!

Makeup with Lash Extensions Looks

Natural Looking Makeup

Since your eyelashes will give your face a splash of life even when you wake up at the crack of dawn, you can simplify your makeup routine by going for a more natural look.

  • Foundation
  • Light blush
  • Bronzer
  • Nude lipstick

Here’s a YouTube makeup tutorial to achieve a natural makeup with lash extensions look:

Warm and Cozy

You can wear fall and winter colors to accentuate your makeup with lash extensions. This is a perfect look to take you from day to night and is easy to transition.

  • Smokey eye
  • Slim eyeliner (make sure it’s not on top of your beautiful lash extensions)
  • Bronzer
  • Highlighter
  • Maroon lip color

Plums, purples, browns and maroons are perfect for Fall and Winter.

Here’s a fun makeup tutorial on how to do smokey eyes with lash extensions!

Drama Queen

Turn your makeup with lash extensions up several notches choosing bright and bold colors.

  • Use shimmery eye powder
  • Intensify the smoky eye factor
  • Choose a dark red or other deep shade

Here’s how to achieve a similar look!

Dior Lash Studio – Our Lashes Speak Volumes.
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