Can Lash Extensions Damage Your Natural Eyelashes?

In today’s world of beauty, eyelash extensions are one of the hottest trends. Women from all walks of life, including celebrities, models, and moms alike swear by them. Eyelash extensions create fullness and an “awake” appearance of one’s eyes with minimal effort and makeup. Unfortunately, the high demand for these beauty must-haves has increased the number of salons offering them, and many of which aren’t qualified to do them professionally. If you find yourself intrigued by what they can do for your eyes, beware, not all salons are equal. Be prepared to do some research on the salon performing the procedure and do not be afraid to ask the question, are your eyelash extensions safe, and can they possibly damage my real lashes?


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Did My Salon Do a Good Job?

You did your research and asked the crucial questions. You have your newly applied lash extensions looking great. You are excited about the results and believe lash extensions are worth it. Now you wonder, did my salon do a good job? That will be determined once you eventually get them removed. Your lash expert must have given you in-depth instructions during your initial appointment (i.e. including keeping your extensions dry for the first 24 hours and not rubbing or picking at them). If they didn’t, this lash extensions aftercare guide will offer further information on the proper maintenance needed to avoid problems while wearing your eyelash extensions.


Artificial Eyelashes Side Effects

Are lash extensions safe? The answer is yes—if your salon applied them correctly. However, there are also a few side effects you must be aware of when caring for your new lashes. Allergic reactions to the adhesive are one of the most common side effects of lash extensions. Other side effects include irritation, infection or damage to your eye from poor hygiene or rubbing on your eyes. Makeup with lash extensions can also cause issues, especially mascara. Although it is not necessary or recommended to use synthetic extensions if you choose to apply mascara, avoid using oil-based, waterproof brands. Mascara will add weight to the delicate lashes and result in them falling out. It is the responsibility of your salon’s lash professional to make sure you are aware of these potential side effects so that you do not damage your natural lashes.



Keeping Up with Your Extensions

Maintaining your lash extensions is not difficult. You may need to change a few habits, like your everyday makeup routine, the pillowcase you sleep on, and eliminate any rubbing of the eye area. However, once you are accustomed to your new lashes, these changes will be easy to manage. To keep your lash extensions appearing full, you must have “fills” every 2-4 weeks. Anyone who has had their hair colored or acrylic nails applied understands this touch-up requirement and considers the maintenance as minimal.


Selena’s Lash Studio’s Advice

There are a couple of bits of advice when it comes to answering the question, are lash extensions safe? Providing they are correctly applied, and you maintain them accordingly, yes, they are considered safe and you should not have any issues. 

It is the responsibility of your certified or licensed lash technician to provide as much information as possible so that you do not do any damage to your natural lash. Do not hesitate to discuss any concerns you may have regarding eyelash extensions or asking if lash extensions are safe. All of Selena’s lash professionals are especially trained to discuss everything you need to know about extensions to ensure that you are completely protected.

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