8 Tips to Accomplish the Natural Look

How to Accomplish the Natural Look?

Ideally, makeup will enhance your natural endowments rather than changing your appearances. With natural-looking makeup, you go a step further: you mask the fact that you are wearing makeup at all. This sounds simple, but it is actually quite difficult to accomplish without the knowhow.

1. Create a Base

Before you apply any makeup, your skin needs to be prepared. Wash your face using a cloth to exfoliate your skin, then tone and moisturize.

2. Start with Concealer

Use a minimal amount of concealer, just to hide imperfections like blemishes, lines, and dark circles under your eyes. Light-reflecting concealers are best, as they never cake and are able to hide up to moderate flaws.

3. Add the Powder

It’s only necessary to apply powder if your skin is prone to becoming shiny. Choose a powder that absorbs oils and apply just a light layer. You can use a brush, a sponge, or even your fingertips.

4. Choose the Right Blush

Look for a blush in the shade of your skin when flushed. Always avoid cool colors and shimmering powders — these make it obvious that you are wearing makeup. Instead, stick to more warm shades, like pink for fair skin, peach for medium skin, and brownish pink for dark skin. Add blush just to your cheekbone line.

5. Apply a Neutral Shadow

The most natural-looking shadow will be around two shades darker than your skin tone. At a minimum, use it in creases and lower lashes. You can also apply some to the center of your eyelids, brow bones, and corners of your eyes. All this will help emphasize the contours of your eyes.

6. Limit the Eye Pencil

Usually, it is advisable to steer clear of eye pencils when creating a natural look. However, you may be able to get away with light dots in soft gray or pale brown between the top lashes.

7. Widen Your Eyes

Mascara can ruin a natural look, as it tends to be obvious. However, it is still essential to curl your eyelashes and it is better still if you lengthen them. The best solution, therefore, is lash extensions. When you opt for professional lashes, you can choose the exact color you want and the style you want, including everyday, natural-looking lashes.

8. Finish with the Lips

Choose a lipstick in nude color, such as peach, pink, or sand. Instead of applying the product straight from the tube to your lips, use a finger, starting from the center of your lip and moving out. This will create a tint that lasts longer. For a simpler look, you can even try adding a light coat of lip gloss. Choose a color that is one shade brighter than your lips or a color-adjusting gloss that will adapt to the tone of your lips.

Although this routine may take time to complete, it is worthwhile if you’re looking to create a natural look with makeup. To save time, pick semi-permanent, professional lash extensions.

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