5 At-Home Remedies for Healthy Eyelashes and Hair

If you’ve seen any mascara or shampoo commercial, you know that it’s easy to be envious of healthy eyelashes and strong, luminous, flowing hair. While some people are born with the gift of healthy hair, many of us aren’t so lucky, but there’s no need to lose hope! There are several ways to grow eyelashes naturally.


1. Apply Green Tea

Applying green tea to your scalp or eyelashes is a great way to get them into shape. Yes, that’s right–green tea. The antioxidant properties of green tea are believed to promote hair growth, making your hair stronger and thicker.

To do this:

  • Prepare 1 cup of hot green tea from green tea leaves. Try to use the highest quality of tea you can find.
  • After it has cooled, apply the tea to your scalp and/or eyelashes.
  • Leave it on overnight and wash in the morning.

This is safe to do nightly. You can use a cup of prepared green tea (once stored in the refrigerator) for up to 5 days. Drinking the tea can also help your body from the inside out.


2. Apply Shea Butter to Eyelash Beds

Shea butter is an excellent source of moisture, and an excellent source of vitamins A and E as well. These vitamins are believed to promote healthy skin, which promotes hair growth.

You can apply shea butter nightly before bedtime.

If you’re looking to get healthier hair, be careful about applying shea butter to your scalp. Because shea butter has such moisturizing qualities, it is likely to make your hair greasy, especially if you have fine hair. If you do apply it to your scalp, be sure to massage it in with your fingers to help nourish each hair follicle.



3. Take Biotin Supplements

Biotin, or vitamin H, is one of the few hair vitamins available in supplement form at many major retailers, pharmacies, and online. Biotin is said to improve not only hair growth but hair thickness and strength as well. But be patient. Using biotin can take weeks to months before you start noticing real differences. Most brands recommend the user take it daily.


4. Improve Your Diet

If you make many unhealthy dietary choices on a daily basis, this could affect your hair quality. Healthy hair and healthy eyelashes can be boosted by beneficial and consistent dietary choices. Green, leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and Brussels sprouts are great examples of dietary staples that can encourage healthy hair growth.

Be sure you’re consuming a variety of necessary vitamins in their natural forms on a daily basis, and make sure to keep up with doctor visits to get bloodwork done in order to see if you’re low on any vital nutrients that should be coming from your food.


5. Massage Your Eyelids and Scalp Frequently

When massaging your eyelids, be gentle. Use one finger to put gentle massaging pressure on your lash line and eyelid daily.

You can massage your scalp when you wash your hair as well, but be careful as to not make your hair too dry when scrubbing with shampoo. Try getting in the routine of massaging your scalp and eyelids just before bed.


Need a Quick Lash Fix?

If you want the appearance of natural-looking lashes for an event or a special day, these home remedies won’t cut it, since natural eyelash growth can take weeks or longer.

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